Way Fruit Farm

As a kid we would head out to Way Fruit Farm to pick out pumpkins, and get apples in the fall. Sometimes in June we would go and pick our own strawberries to make jelly and shortcakes. When I recently discovered that Way’s had food service, I was intrigued.  After reading an article listing them as a great place to get brunch, I decided we needed to check it out. Not knowing what to expect, and only armed with memories of Ways from years ago, I was in awe of their operation. I’m not sure when its transformation happened, certainly before I moved back to State College a year ago.  However, Ways has turned itself from a small side-of-the-road farm stand into a large, diversified operation. More than just a farm stand, they now have a huge store that sells in addition to fresh farm produce, meats and cheeses, packaged goods such as jams and sauces, pastas, an entire wall of pickled goods, baking ingredients, gifts, candy and hard to find sodas. Ways has a lot to offer and is well worth the trip. We have become hooked on a ginger soda they offer by the bottle (it’s a good mixer for drinks) and now make a trip out there every few months to stock up on our soda.

Pickle Wall!
Pickle Wall!

lets eat!

The Way Café, Bakery and Deli offers lunch, dinner, Saturday breakfast, deli and bakery. We came for breakfast and I ordered a Scramble and my husband ordered an egg sandwich with bacon.  A Scramble consists of 2 scrambled eggs mixed with home fries and your choice of mixed in options such as cheese, bacon, onions, broccoli, tomatoes. Other menu options include oatmeal, fruit, eggs, French toast and bakery goods.

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We have a new look !

You will notice that we have a new, updated look!  Thanks to feedback from family and friends, we have revised our formatting, graphics and layout.  Our goal is to make the site easy to read, navigate and of course to look at !

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Eating our way through Centre County

A brief history

We are recent transplants from Washington D.C.  D.C., has become in recent years, a food destination, truly.  D.C. has GREAT food.  And great doesn’t mean expensive or stuffy or pretentious.  There are plenty of those places in D.C. but look a little further and you will find a food culture that reflects its melting pot population.

D.C. was perfect for my insatiable quest to eat great food.

Each year, a local magazine “The Washingtonian” releases its 100 Best Restaurants List.  And I made it my goal several years ago to eat at every single place on that list.   Expensive places, we’d reserve for birthdays or anniversaries. The rest we’d pick and go, pick and go, and eat. And eat! My quest to eat at them all, has never been fully realized. The problem is that the list changes every year.  The middle #10 – #90 stay mainly the same, but the fringe rankings always change.  There are constantly new places opening to try.  It wasn’t a bad quest to never finish.

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