Pump Station Cafe

Pump Station Cafe

We normally hit up the Pump Station Café for coffee and sometimes a breakfast sandwich in the mornings but never for lunch.  I enjoy the coffee and morning sandwiches and I have to say this is one of the few places on the South side of town that you can pop in for a quick bite to eat or coffee.  Its located on Boal Ave across from the Military Museum.

They recently changed they organization and look inside and I can’t say I’m a total fan of the new look. There was something cute and kitchy with the old look that worked better. The new plexiglass storage for the pastries could of been done better.  The cream and sugar were moved which now creates issues when there is a line of people waiting to order food or when food is ready for pick up – there is no room for those who want to add cream and sugar to their drinks.  But details details.

lets eat!

As I said we typically stop in the mornings but this time we went for lunch.  Again, the convenience of this place in Boalsburg is great, there really isn’t another quick sandwich shop near Boalsburg so major points for that.  We ordered a turkey, cranberry sandwich and a buffalo chicken wrap.  Both were good, but nothing that I couldn’t make at home.

Pump Station Cafe
Pump Station Cafe

The best part was the macaroni salad that came along with the wrap, it was huge – enough for both of us to split.  I’d like to try a panini or salad next time – and of course the breakfast sandwiches are great.  Again, this place is convenient, great prices has outdoor seating and provides a much needed service in Boalsburg.  They offer seasonal sandwich specials, and seasonal drinks like Egg Nog Lattes in the winter. 

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Buffalo Chicken Wrap



Pump Station Cafe
Pump Station Café





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