Eating our way through Centre County

A brief history

We are recent transplants from Washington D.C.  D.C., has become in recent years, a food destination, truly.  D.C. has GREAT food.  And great doesn’t mean expensive or stuffy or pretentious.  There are plenty of those places in D.C. but look a little further and you will find a food culture that reflects its melting pot population.

D.C. was perfect for my insatiable quest to eat great food.

Each year, a local magazine “The Washingtonian” releases its 100 Best Restaurants List.  And I made it my goal several years ago to eat at every single place on that list.   Expensive places, we’d reserve for birthdays or anniversaries. The rest we’d pick and go, pick and go, and eat. And eat! My quest to eat at them all, has never been fully realized. The problem is that the list changes every year.  The middle #10 – #90 stay mainly the same, but the fringe rankings always change.  There are constantly new places opening to try.  It wasn’t a bad quest to never finish.

And then…..we decided to move.

State College

When we decided to move here, one of my first thoughts was “but where are we going to eat?”.   Used to the extent, quantity and variety D.C. restaurants offer, I was worried about food in State College.  I grew up here, came back all the time to visit my family, so I knew the standards my family always ate at and the plethora of chain-restaurants (something I am not interested in eating at) State College has.  And its constant struggle to keep great places open, especially downtown.

But then….

I started hearing about new places, places I’d never been too, places that for locals seemed “so far away” (trust me, a 20 min drive to Millheim is nothing compared to traffic in DC ) Places, that growing up we never went to, but wait a minute, I’m a gown up now, I CAN go there.  My husband and I decided, partially as something to do (we are new here and don’t really know anyone….yet) and partially as a challenge to: TRY and RANK all the places you can eat in Centre County.

Much like my quest in D.C., I’m not sure we will every complete the list, but we are going to try.

Here’s the Deal

I have compiled a spreadsheet (love spreadsheets) listing every (well almost every) place to eat in Centre County.  It started with a google map, and a search for “food’ in Centre County.  If it popped up, I put it on the list.

It includes, name, location, type of food, ranking, date we visit, notes, etc.

What it doesn’t include are national chains.  No McDonald’s, no Panda Express.

This region has so much food to offer; local farmers markets, fresh local produce, dairy’s, local meat. I’m looking for great, local, fresh, unique food and experiences.

Here is The List


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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